Total Seal Gapless Ring Sets

Posted by Horsepower Direct on Nov 21, 2020

Total Seal offers their Gas Ported Rings in most of their ring offerings, even their gapless technology. The most popular design is the Advanced Profiling (AP) steel ring sets, but the porting technology can be added to nearly all of their top ring applications. All performance engines create cylinder pressure, why wouldn’t you harness this pressure to improve the sealing and overall power of your engine? It’s basically free power when you think about it!

By moving to a gas ported top ring, all of these shortcomings of ported pistons are overcome. Because the ring is constantly moving in the ring land of the piston, the cylinder wall wears evenly compared to that of a ported piston. Using a gas ported ring allows you to run a thinner, lighter weight ring package which equates to less mass without sacrificing effective cylinder sealing.

Another advantage of a gas ported ring that you may not consider is how much less oil contamination occurs. When you have improved ring sealing, there is less blow-by which not only aids in overall power, but the oil stays cleaner longer. This can save money over the course of the season with fewer oil changes. Total Seal has also seen lower oil temperatures due to less combustion gasses entering the lower end of the engine. As far as legality in different racing sanctions, there are no rules against using gas ported rings while some classes outlaw gas ported pistons.

  • Gas-ported performance without gas-ported pistons
  • Features strategically sized and placed horizontal slots in the ring allowing combustion gas to enter through the groove and behind the ring to gas-load the ring providing greatly improved ring sealing.
  • Extensively tested in virtually every form of race engine with the same increases in ring sealing time after time.
  • Applications are available in both steel and ductile iron for top ring placements. When ordering simply ask for Gas-Ported on your top ring sets.