Callies Performance - S26001 - Sport Series - Subaru - EJ20 - EJ25 - Crankshaft

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Product Overview

Callies Performance - S26001 - Sport Series - Subaru - EJ20 - EJ25 - Crankshaft

Designed for Maximum Effort engines, all Callies SS (Sport Series) crankshafts are finished with the same care and detail as the entire line of Compstar crankshafts. All SS cranks are sold balanced and ready for assembly. SS crankshafts by Compstar feature the best metallurgy and heat treatment on the market today. 

Callies Sport Series (SS) line of products are made up of engine components that are produced both domestically and internationally. All SS products are given the same level of diligent attention to quality that Callies is known for. Your purchase will be backed by our longstanding practice of supporting what we manufacture, long after the sale.

The North American performance market had traditionally been built around Imperial (inch) terminology in defining components. As you browse our selection of Sport Series components you may notice that dimensions are provided in either inch or metric designations. It is common to find new engines in today’s performance market that are defined in metric terms.

At Callies, we are working to change the way we describe our products. As we introduce current day OEM compatible products you will increasingly see metric designations being used. Similar to the rest of the North American performance market, Callies has fought the conversion to metric nomenclature every inch of the way. Please bare with us as we move forward. We ask for your patience and understanding as we evolve.

  • Brand: Callies Performance
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: S26001
  • Part Type:Crankshafts
  • Product Line: Callies Sport Series Crankshafts
  • Engine Fitment: Subaru EJ205, EJ255, EJ257
  • Average weight 18 lbs.
  • Crankshaft Stroke (mm): 75
  • Main Size (mm): 60
  • Pin Size (mm): 52
  • Material: Billet
  • All rod journals drilled for lightening
  • Material certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
  • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified in house
  • All journal diameters are held to .0005” tolerance
  • Rod and main journal surface finish is refined to 4Ra or less
  • Limited stroke availability
  • Aeroshed finishing optional
  • Available in Strokes (mm): 75mm, 79mm, 83mm