Add even more horsepower to your high powered Chrevrolet by upgrading your Pistons. Horsepower Direct is a one-stop shop for Chevy Forged Pistons including Wiseco, CP Pistons, JE Pistons, Arias and all so you can make more power. Whether you have a 2015 Corvette or an LS3 swapped drag car, bulletproof of a set of forged pistons that can handle a lot more power and allow upgrades such as a Subaru Intercooler or bigger Turbocharger. Fitments include LT1 Gen 5, SBC, BBC, LSX Engines ( LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, L99)


Why Buy Forged Pistons for your Chevrolet from Horsepower Direct?

  • HPD buy Wiseco Pistons, JE Pistons, SRP Pistons, CP Pistons, Diamond Pistons direct from each Piston Manufacturer!
  • HPD stocks Chevy Pistons in both 2618 and 4032 aluminium alloys!
  • HPD offers a Forged Piston with the bore size you need to complete your short block!
  • HPD has a Great Customer Service Team that talks to each Piston Manufacturer daily!
  • HPD offers More Shipping Options then all of our competitors!
  • HPD can ship USPS Priority Mail or USPS Priority Mail Express!
  • HPD works directly with each piston company to come out with new applications!

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Piston Kits for Chevrolet

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