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12V AGM XS Series High Output Batteries - M6 Terminal Bolts Included

These XS Power AGM batteries are some of the lightest 12, 14, and 16 V racing batteries on the market. Independent test results have proven that they outperform other batteries weighing 10-20 lbs. more. Their cutting-edge lead acid battery technology produces more energy in a smaller space because each cell is compressed before insertion into the case. This creates efficient power-producing packages that are completely sealed with no need to ever add water. This, combined with being an inch shorter than the competitors, means that these batteries will fit in places where space is a premium. By design, the entire line of XS Power AGM batteries has excellent deep-cycling ability and ultra-low internal resistance, resulting in high cranking amps and excellent vibration resistance. These batteries are non-spillable and can be mounted in any position (except upside-down). The XS Power AGM batteries are designed for the abuse of racing and they are the batteries of choice for demanding racers and Monster Truck drivers who need top performance and reliability.

XS Power 12V AGM Batteries

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Great exhaust

This exhaust is awesome, has a low grumble to it and sounds amazing! I love it, much meaner exhaust than I was expecting but so happy with it.

Great price!

Came packaged nice, looks great! Thanks HP direct!

Perfect. Quick response to questions and fast shipping.

Great job

Received in a timely manner and was exactly what we were looking for. Great job!

Ford Focus RS mk2 Volvo S60R K1 forged connecting rods

Quality durable branded low cost conrods. Seller shipped quickly. Thank you.