CP-Carrillo - CPK2017 - 450cc - Honda - TRX450R - Piston and Ring Kits

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CP-Carrillo - CPK2017 - 450cc - Honda - TRX450R - Piston and Ring Kits

CP Pistons CPK piston kits come complete with a piston, wrist pin, locks, rings, and gasket. The anti-detonation grooves, also known as contact reduction grooves, protect the top ring by disrupting detonation waves. These grooves also limit the piston/cylinder contact during high temperatures and rpm. The featured accumulator groove is a V-shape machined into the second ring to collect excess blowby between the top and second rings. The accumulator groove also collects residual gasses during combustion and alleviates top ring flutter, while increasing ring seal. Other features, such as double pin oilers, in conjunction with their dual fed reservoir, add twice the amount of oil from the cylinder wall to the wrist pin. CP wrist pins have fine grooves that are intrinsically engraved into the product surface at the time of machining. These grooves are transformed into micro-dimple indentations to act as oil reservoirs, and the oil that would normally drain away through the grooves on an untreated product still remains in the dimples. X-forgings minimize friction and reduce weight without compromising strength. CPK piston kits go above and beyond in both quality and dependability.

  • Brand: CP-Carrillo
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: CPK2017
  • Part Type: Powersports Piston and Ring Kits
  • Product Line: CP Pistons CPK Piston Kits
  • Fitment: 2004-2005 Honda TRX450R 
  • Engine Type: 450cc
  • Bore (mm): 94.00
  • Compression Ratio: 13.0:1 
  • Piston Material: Forged aluminum
  • Wrist Pin Style: Floating
  • Top Ring Material: Steel
  • Top Ring Facing Material: Gas nitrided
  • Second Ring Material: Cast iron
  • Second Ring Facing Material: Cast iron
  • Oil Ring Material: Nitride coated stainless steel
  • Gaskets Included: YES
  • Gaskets Part Number: C7877
  • Connecting Rods Included: No
  • Connecting Rod Part Number: 8818
  • Quantity: Sold as a kit.