UEM Pistons - ICON FHR Forged - IC9988CKTS.010 - Chevrolet - LSX - 348 - Piston and Ring Kits

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UEM Pistons - ICON FHR Forged - IC9988CKTS.010 - Chevrolet - LSX - 348 - Piston and Ring Kits

ICON FHR Series GM LS piston and ring sets offer premium, custom options in an "off the shelf" option for your LS-family engine. FHR--Formed Head Relief--pistons have valve reliefs that are formed in as the piston blank is pressed into the die, creating a stock, but light forging. Many of the domed models are solid which allows tailoring the dome height for a specific compression ratio. They are constructed from high-strength, forged 4032 aluminum alloy for increased durability while maintaining tighter piston-to-wall clearance for increased cylinder sealing, lower cylinder wear, and stock-like noise levels, making them ideal for street and lightly boosted applications. Completing these kits are file-fit ring sets that allow custom ring gaps for your specific application, and they are built to handle the abuse of stock street or forced induction to nitrous applications.

Mini grooves allow an overheated piston that contacts a cylinder wall to transfer heat to the wall. Friction is also reduced over a solid ringland.
Accumulator grooves provide a reservoir area for gases that pass by the top ring. Pressure is reduced between top and second ring to help stabilize flutter and maximize ring seal.
0.030 in. offset wrist pins
Round wire locks
M42 skirt coating

  • Brand: ICON Forged Pistons
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: IC9988CKTS.010
  • Product Type: UEM ICON FHR Forged Piston and Ring Kits
  • Fitment: Chevrolet LSX
  • Bore Size (in): 3.908
  • Stroke (in): 3.622
  • Rod Length (in): 6.098
  • Compression Height (in): 1.331
  • OE Deck Height: 9.240
  • Head Type: For use with 15 degree cylinder heads.
  • Dome Height: Flat Top
  • Piston Head Volume (cc): -3.2cc
  • Compression Ratio 64.5cc Head: 10.3
  • Compression Ratio 68.4cc Head: 9.8
  • Pin Diameter (in): .945
  • Pin Part Number: .9450x2.250x180CxSCR415H
  • Piston Ring Part Number: 3898CM8.010
  • VR Depths: 
  • Intake Valve Depth / Diameter: .196/2.326
  • Exhaust Valve Depth / Diameter: .149/1.730
  • Engine: 348
  • Piston Weight (grams): 499
  • Pin Weight (grams): 124
  • Piston Type: FMR - Formed Head Relief
  • Piston Material: 4032 Alloy
  • Piston Type: Flat Top
  • VR: 2 VR's
  • GasPort: No
  • Notes: 
  • Quantity: Sold in set of 8