UEM Pistons - ICON Premium - IC545CKTS.030 - Chevrolet - LSX - 327 - Piston and Ring Kits

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UEM Pistons - ICON Premium - IC545CKTS.030 - Chevrolet - LSX - 327 - Piston and Ring Kits

The Icon Pistons brand has its roots back to the early 1920s when its parent company, UEM Pistons, was founded to address the needs of OEM manufacturers with high-quality pistons. Today, Icon Pistons stands for the latest innovations in piston forged technology, providing top-quality pistons developed from the ground up for ultra-performance street and racing applications. Regardless of the type of the vehicle you have, whether it is a hot-rod or truck, Icon Pistons has you covered with an array of fully-featured pistons that outperform the competition in quality and strength.

Icon Pistons offers plenty of pistons grouped under four main lines, including FHR, Premium, Elite and LCAT, each of which is targeted to a specific market niche. The first of them is focused on street drivers looking for professional quality products at a budget-friendly cost. Many FHR pistons come with a solid dome which gives engine builders freedom and flexibility to machine the piston dome to meet the compression ratio desired for their projects. They are crafted from 11% silicon 4032 aluminum, which reduces the friction between the cylinder and piston surfaces, resulting in their extended service life.

The Icon Premium line of pistons is the next step in the evolution of the FHR series. Its Premium pistons are packed with all the features of their FHR counterparts with the addition of unique dome reliefs, pressure fed pin bore oiling, and skirt and pin boss struts to provide added strength and durability. They are crafted from either 4032 or 2618 grade aluminum, where the latter one is preferable for performance applications with a higher compression ratio, as well as vehicles equipped with power boosters. This material contains less silicon than the 4032 one, providing a higher thermal expansion coefficient. That’s why 2618 pistons call for an increased piston to cylinder wall clearance, so you need to keep this in mind when upgrading your engine.

The Elite and LCAT series of pistons are developed and designed for hardcore engine builders who are looking to take their projects to a new level. Both of them are manufactured from 2618 grade aluminum, and are built to operate in the most extreme conditions. All pistons within the Elite series come standard with a piston crown and anodized top ring groove and have Line2Line adaptive skirt technology coating, which reduces friction and better protects the cylinder walls at start-up. The LCAT line of pistons is packed with features found in the Elite series, while bringing several additional benefits to the table. LCAT pistons offer three protective barriers, including an UltraTherm CM heat reflective thermal barrier found in no other pistons, and have an advanced dome relief, allowing them to handle everything your engine can dish out.

  • Brand: ICON Forged Pistons
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: IC545CKTS.030
  • Product Type: UEM ICON Premium Forged Piston and Ring Kits
  • Fitment: Chevrolet LSX 4.8L / 5.3L
  • Bore Size (in): 3.810
  • Stroke (in): 3.622
  • Rod Length (in): 6.098
  • Compression Height (in): 1.331
  • OE Deck Height: 9.240
  • Head Type: For use with 15 Degree LSX Heads
  • Dome Height: Flat Top
  • Piston Head Volume (cc): -3.0cc
  • Compression Ratio 64.5cc Head: 9.9
  • Compression Ratio 68.4cc Head: 9.5
  • Compression Ratio 70.0cc Head: 9.3
  • Pin Diameter (in): .945
  • Pin Part Number: .9450x2.250x.180C-SCR415H
  • Piston Ring Part Number: 3780ES8
  • VR Depths:
  • Intake Valve Depth / Diameter: .190/2.186
  • Exhaust Valve Depth / Diameter: .149/1.750
  • Engine: 327
  • Piston Weight (grams): 403
  • Pin Weight (grams): 124
  • Piston Type: ICON Premium
  • Piston Material: 4032 Alloy
  • Piston Type: Flat Top
  • VR: 2 VR's
  • GasPort: No
  • Notes:
  • Cross Reference: Wiseco K0429X3
  • Quantity: Sold in set of 8