Wiseco - Professional Series - K398x3 - Chevrolet - LSX - 370 - Piston and Ring Kits

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Wiseco - Professional Series - K398x3 - Chevrolet - LSX - 370 - Piston and Ring Kits

Wiseco pulled out all of the stops when the introduced their Professional Series piston kits. These pistons accommodate the reluctor ring on stroker cranks without having to notch the pin bosses.

Offset pins like OE and skirt shapes are specifically designed for street applications, making these the best piston kits available. They've been successfully tested in the highest horsepower applications.

Professional Series kits also utilize ArmorGlide skirt coating—which is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through Wiseco's in-house dyno program.

The outcome is minimized friction, maximized horsepower, and improved wear resistance. Not only is ArmorGlide a high-tech lubricant that reduces friction, but it also allows the piston to be fitted tighter within the bore than a non-coated piston.

Anti-detonation and pressure seal grooves give you a better ring seal, reducing noise from the piston rock and delivering better performance. Order the pistons tailored for your application.  

  • Brand: Wiseco
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: K398X3
  • Category: Piston and Ring Kits
  • Product Type: Wiseco Professional Series
  • Fitment: Chevrolet LSX LS1, L2, LS3, LS6, L92 Standard 3.622 Stroke
  • Bore Size (in): 4.030
  • Compression Height (in): 1.304
  • Stroke (in): 3.622
  • Rod Length (in): 6.125 
  • 0 Deck at: 9.236
  • Standard Deck Height: 9.240
  • Average Weight: 478
  • Volume: -3.2cc FT
  • Compression Ratio 65cc Head: 10.7
  • Compression Ratio 66cc Head: 10.4
  • Compression Ratio 68cc Head: 10.3
  • Compression Ratio 70cc Head: 10.1
  • Pin Included: S643 .927 x 2.250
  • Ringset Included: 4032GFX (x8)
  • Valve Pocket: LS1, L2, LS3, LS6, L92


 ArmorGlide Skirt coating
2618 High Strength Alloy
C/R at 0 Deck with .051'' Gasket
Anti-detonation & pressure seal grooves
Pin upgrade recommended over 700HP
.150" wall pin & Spirolox
Premium Piston GFX Rings Included 1.2mm, 1.2mm, 3.0mm